Why Choosing The Right Toilet Will Help Save Water At Home?

Has your water bills increased and you are worried about how to save water? We have had previous discussions on the things that lead to excessive consumption of water at home. Flush toilets happen to be among them. So How Choosing The Right Toilet Will Help Save Water At Home?

Choosing The Right Toilet Will Help Save Water At Home
Choosing The Right Toilet Will Help Save Water At Home

We all understand how challenging it is to have your bills cleared. Remember you have Electric bills, Garbage bills, House rent and many more household bills to take care of. Would you be happy if one of them keeps on increasing? Of course no! More specifically, water bills are known to be unstable all the time. The thing is you can’t have a specific amount of water to use within a month.

That’s why we end up getting surprised by the water bills all the time because it’s always unexpected. We may spend all day discussing the things that lead to high consumption of water at home but that will not help at all. Most of these things cannot be evaded and so we just have to use them no matter what What we need to focus on is how to save water at home. In this post, we will see how saving water can be achieved by choosing the right toilet.

Can a good Toilet help save water at home?

When we talk of the right toilet, we refer to a water-efficient toilet. And yes, definitely a water-efficient toilet will help save water at home. Isn’t this your wish? You do not go picking any toilet. You need to consider these things if at all you want to save water. If you doubt that your toilet has been consuming a lot of water unnecessarily, I believe it’s time you replaced it with a water-efficient toilet and stop flushing your money down the sewer blindly. To avoid all this, let’s first get to know more about these water-efficient toilets (the right toilets).

Water-efficient toilets

Did you know that you can save up to $50 a year on water bills? It is very possible but only if you use a low water flush toilet. Water is among the scarce resources in human life. Therefore, it is always good to use it appropriately, otherwise, you will pay a lot for it. It’s high time you installed a low water flush toilet for efficient use of water. Apart from saving you money, a water-efficient toilet will offer you several benefits. Some of the benefits I have listed below.

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1. Easy to clean

Most of the water-efficient toilets are designed with a doughnut shape. With such a shape, the toilets retain only a little water in their bowl. This makes things easy when you want to scrub your toilet bowl with detergents. On the other hand, the water-efficient toilets remain clean for a long time and you do not need to clean it now and then. This feature makes the toilets convenient you use at homes and offices as well.

2. Minimal Plumber attention

Due to the shape the toilets take, it becomes very rare for these toilets to clog. These toilets only use a little water to flush off all the waste down to the sewer. The reason behind this is that they are adequately roomy and clear to allow the free flow of the waste with zero abstraction. This helps keep the toilet clean and free from blocking. Therefore, you do not need to call for plumbing services all the time thus saving you the repair cost. Also, for as long as the toilet doesn’t block/clog, it will be very hard to have leakages with it.

3. Saves you money

Of course, if the toilet is water efficient, it means it will save you the water bill cost.

How to choose the right toilet (Water-efficient Toilet)

Choosing the right toilet may not be as easy as it may sound. It calls for serious consideration of some important factors. If you are not careful, things may not work out as expected. Remember you need to pick a low water flush toilet to save water at home. Therefore, there are certain specific things that you should consider and look out for in a good and water-efficient toilet. The task may be a little daunting but it’s worth it. Let’s get to know how to go about it below.

Tips to Choosing The Right Toilet That Will Help Save Water

1. Consider pressure-assist toilets

Pressure assist toilets are those which come with a tank elongated somewhere separately. These tanks hold water under pressure which in turn helps real lease water with adequate force to flush off all the waste fast and efficiently.  With this kind of toilets, you only need to do a single flush and every single waste is flushed down the sewer. Pretty awesome, right? Even though they are costly, they are worth the cash for they will, in turn, save you hundreds of dollars on water bills. They are best known for their low usage of water. Another drawback of these toilets is that repairs and maintenance might be a little bit challenging.

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Tips to choose a water-saving toilet

2. Compare flush ratings

If you are shopping online, it’s very easy and important to check the flush rating of the toilet you want to buy. DO not settle for any toilet until you are sure it is water efficient. Compare your choice with the rest of the toilets available and see if they differ in their flush ratings. Most likely, you are supposed to pick the one with the best flush rating. The one that will utilize water efficiently and still leave your toilet as clean as ever. Do not ignore this no matter what. You may think the toilet you are settling for is the best yet there are many with a better flush ratings. So compare the flush ratings before making the purchase.

3. Check out for the EPA’s Water Sense Label

Did you know that your toilet accounts for up to a third of the water used in your home? I thought you should know. With these in your mind, you should be considerate of the amount of water needed to flush off toilet waste completely down to the sewer. Most toilets that use water efficiently do have an EPA’s WaterSense label on them. For a toilet to earn this label, it must be able to use 1.28 gallons of water (or less) to flush the waste completely. With this efficient usage of water, these toilets can save up to 4000 gallons of water for a single person in a year.  That is economical. Although, some high-efficiency toilets are linked to high chances of clogging. Therefore, try to be extra careful not to pick the one that clogs every time. Make sure the bowl is roomy enough.

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4. Consider the rough-in measurement

The rough-in is the distance between the wall and the middle of the toilet. This distance will greatly affect the flushing of the toilet. The longer the Rough-in the more the amount of water used to flush the toilet waste completely. For a good toilet, the rough-in measurement should range at around twelve inches at most. This is the standard rough-in measurement for a water efficient toilet. If you are not sure of the rough-in measurement, you are very free to carry along a tape measure to help determine the rough-in measurement of the toilet you need. Apart from saving water, toilet with a shorter rough-in are easier to install compared to those with a longer rough-in.

5. Avoid toilets with bigger bowls

Toilets with bigger bowls are likely to be less water efficient. Come to think of it, if the bowl is big and wide, you will need to use a lot of water to be able to insert adequate pressure to push the waste down to the sewer. But with a narrow bowl, you only need one gallon of water and everything is flushed off. Also, toilets with bigger bowls are known to be uncomfortable.

6. Consider a dual flush toilet

A dual flush toilet has two buttons for different types of flushing. One button is used to flush off fluids/liquids while the second button is used to flush solids. These toilets have been said to save 25% less of the usual water used for flushing. Isn’t that awesome? Most amazingly, you can get both gravity and pressure assist toilets. The toilets are pricier but they save a lot of water compared to regular toilets.


To sum up on this, choosing the right toilet i.e. a water efficient toilet, is very important as far as saving water at home is concerned. You don’t have to pay extra dollar for increased water bills yet you can control how you use water at home. Be wise and get a water efficient toilet at least now you know that choosing the right flush toilet will help save water at home. If you find this post helpful, kindly share with family and friends.

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