7 Tips For Using a Cool Mist Humidifier

A cool mist humidifier is beneficial to ease your breathing at home, also helping hydrate your skin and hair. While it’s a fantastic device, it won’t work well without using and caring for it properly. So, how can you take care of your cool mist humidifier to reap its benefits? Read on as I show you the seven tips for using a cool mist humidifier!

Tips For Using a Cool Mist Humidifier

Seven Tips For Using a Cool Mist Humidifier

It can get confusing trying to learn how to use a cool mist humidifier, from how to select one down to where to place it, and the right way to clean it!

With that in mind, these are seven helpful tips that tackle what you need to know about using such devices:

1. Select the Right Cool Mist Humidifier

When selecting the right cool mist humidifier, follow these tips:

  • Look into what suits best in your space. A cool mist humidifiers is recommended when placing it in spaces where the device may be touched accidentally. They are much safer, especially when you have pets and children around.
  • Consider the humidifier’s settings. It should have the appropriate settings you prefer, with room for adjustment. It should also adjust to the settings well and be easy to use.
  • Look into the humidifier size or how much space it can humidify a room successfully. You may need a bigger or stronger device for spacious rooms, while you can make do with a compact one if you live in small areas.
  • I suggest you read through real customer reviews and purchase from a trustable brand so you know what to expect and get your money’s worth. Most big brands come with a warranty for assurance that the unit works and replacement in case of trouble.

2. Place It In the Right Area

Once you invested in a cool mist humidifier, the next thing to consider is where to place it. You need to place it strategically to receive its full benefits.

For starters, the humidifier needs to be placed on a table or furniture that’s at least two feet above the ground. Furthermore, you need to be able to place a towel or any sheet under your humidifier, which will protect your furniture.

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The two-feet rule is important to prevent damage to the floors and ceilings from leaks, as well as avoid anyone from knocking it over.

If you use the humidifier in the bedroom, you have to place it at the correct distance from the bed. It’s best to keep it about three feet away from your bed, though it’s okay if you want it closer, especially if you have a small room.

The reason why three feet is a good distance is to prevent water from selling on you in case of leaks or accidents. Some people may also be irritated by the noise. But if you have a humidifier that has a noise reducer or you prefer the white noise, then it’s fine to have it next to you.

Wherever you place it, it should be on clean, dry, flat, and leveled surfaces, away from children, pets, and any invalids.

You also have to be wary about letting the moisture diffuse and concentrate next to your nose and mouth. It’s better to have a bit of distance, as breathing in the humidity isn’t recommended for the long-term.

3. Learn About the Risks and Precautions

A cool mist humidifier is beneficial, but it does have risks and precautions. Here are some things to expect, which can help you learn how to use the unit safely:

  • Too much humidity in rooms may be dangerous, you only want just enough to allow the household to breathe well
  • If you leave your humidifier uncleaned, then it can result in emitting harmful elements, which leads to respiratory problems. A cool mist humidifier might disperse hazardous minerals or particles that can irritate the lungs, which is why proper cleaning and maintenance is necessary
  • Older humidifiers can contain mold or harmful bacteria you can’t clean or remove anymore. You will need to replace your humidifier every few years or so, depending on the quality of the unit.

4. Use Filtered or Distilled Water

Most of the cool mist humidifier brands suggest to use clear and clean tap water. Tap water is suitable and more available across the country, though small-scale studies show that the minerals in tap water may have some risk. Evaporated tap water can form dry and white dust on surfaces, which can lead to respiratory system irritation in sensitive people.

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That’s why the EPA recommends using distilled water instead. Distilled water has lower mineral content, reducing the exposure to any minerals and impurities in the water. It is a common form of purifying water, especially when boiled and cooled again to remove any impurities.

You can also use demineralized or filtered water, which reduces the growth of mineral deposits and scale within your humidifier. Purchase any of these waters from stores or invest in a water filter.

Besides using the right water, make sure that you change the humidifier reservoir daily. Do NOT run units that contain smelly, discolored, or stagnant water that can result in respiratory issues.

5. How to Operate It Properly

When operating your cool mist humidifier, all you need is to fill it with clean water, plug it in, and place it in a proper position. Turn it on and set it to the optimum humidity level, and allow it to do its job.

Note that it requires electricity for power, and as your unit disperses water, there may be a risk of electric shock when operating it incorrectly.

Do NOT operate units with damaged cords or plugs, and unplug the unit before you move or refill it, or when not in use. Clean and lift your motor assemble from its reservoir, and do NOT immerse it in water or tilting the unit.

6. Set and Monitor the Humidity Levels Correctly

Prevent microorganism growth and water vapor damage at home by maintaining the right humidity levels in your device. The humidity should be 50% or less, and if you notice any condensation on the windows or glass frames, or damp curtains and carpeting, it’s best to lessen the humidity.

A cool mist humidifier has dials and impellers so you can control the amount of water vapor emitted by the humidifier to monitor and maintain the room’s humidity. You can also buy a hygrometer if you have a simple unit, which can help monitor the resave humidity in your room.

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7. Proper Cleaning and Care

Even when you use clean and pure water, you need to clean your humidifier regularly. This will get rid of any mineral traces and ensure that there is no stagnant water. As much as possible, clean the humidifier daily, or at least once every three days or weekly.

To clean it, follow these tips:

  • Follow your manufacturer’s instructions on the type and quantity of detergent to use
  • Most cool mist humidifier brands recommend scrubbing your tank with a solution made of one gallon of water and quarter-cup of household bleach. Or, you can use a solution of water with 3% hydrogen peroxide. Scrub all your surfaces using a soft-bristled brush, using a toothbrush or toothpick to reach holes and small crevices.
  • Once done scrubbing, rinse everything well to remove all traces of your cleaning solution. Wipe the humidifier dry using a clean cloth. When completely dry, you can plug it in and use it again.

Besides placing water, you can also add a few items in your humidifier to prevent mold, such as:

  • One cup of white vinegar with water in your humidifier to prevent molds from growing
  • Humidifier tablets you can drop to the tank, which dissolved in ten minutes with added aromas. It can also extend your humidifier lifespan to keep your tank clean as the water and unit is working
  • There are other materials to use, such as a drop of tea tree oil or a little bit of chlorine bleach for proper cleaning and mold prevention

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Do you want to learn more about using a cool mist humidifier? Check out this helpful video to see how to take full advantage of this device:

Wrapping It Up

I hope that these seven tips for using a cool mist humidifier helped you out! So don’t wait any longer and start following these methods to maintain a well-working unit for better breathing and skin.

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