How to Use Hot Rollers For Short Hair: Get Beautiful Curls Now!

Hot rollers are one of the most popular hairstyle tools to get those amazing curls. What’s great about it is that you can use it for both long AND short hair! However, a lot of people get a bit worried when using it on short hair, especially since they may be more prone to hair damage if not used properly. But don’t worry, because there are ways on how to use hot rollers for short hair without compromising your looks and hair health. Wondering what they are? Read on to follow these steps and extra tips to get those beautiful curls.

How to Use Hot Rollers For Short Hair
How to Use Hot Rollers For Short Hair

How to Use Hot Rollers For Short Hair

Using hot rollers is pretty simple, almost as similar to using it with long hair. If you’re new to using it with short hair and want to ensure safety, here are helpful tips to follow:

1. Look At Your Roller First!

Before you even begin using hot rollers, make sure you prepare them beforehand. You have to look into getting the right rollers for your hair type and length, as well as the style you want. That way, you’ve ensured the right style and more safety when using it for short hair.

For example, small and hot rollers are usually made for tight curls, while larger ones are made for looser waves. For those with short hair, you’ll have a better time with tighter curls, adding volume to it.

However, you don’t need to be limited to just small hot rollers for tight curls. You can attempt different-sized rollers that fit your hair length to experiment. Having different-sized curls can also add more volume to your hair while making it look a bit more natural.

Besides this, ensure that your hot rollers are made with quality material to prevent it from damaging your hair.

2. Don’t Skip Your Hair Preps

Even if you have short hair, you can’t skip prepping it from the heat it’ll meet! Remember, no hair length is safe from the heat when you don’t protect it right. That’s why it’s important to provide adequate protection for your hair to lessen the risk of damage in the long run, especially if you plan on using hot rollers regularly.

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To prepare your hair, wash it with a gentle shampoo and use only a bit of conditioner. Or rather than using conditioner, opt for heat protectants to prevent damage.

After washing and drying your hair, make sure to get rid of tangles. You may want to use moisturizing mouse for the curls to last longer after using the hot rollers. If you want your curls to last even longer, use the hot rollers on hair you washed the day before.

3. Divide and Conquer

This is the reason why I believe it’s easier to use hot rollers on short hair! When you divide sections on short hair, it takes less time and effort. If you want tighter and more defined curls, then divide your hair into smaller sections.

You can do this by keeping it out of the way using clips, separating it into one-inch sections. Again, the smaller the sections are, the more defined the curls are and the nicer it would look. But take note that that’s just personal preference, you can experiment with your hairstyle depending on your roller size and how you part your hair!

4. Prep Your Rollers

The next step is to prepare your rollers, though these depend on what type of hot rollers you have. Remember that hot rollers tend to hear up very quickly, so you need to prepare how many and what size of rollers you plan to use. Only prepare the number of rollers you need then heat it up as instructed to easily roll your hair when it’s ready.

Besides this, you also have to ensure that you prepare your hair clips, as you need to clamp them to your rollers when securing your hair. Doing so will also help you know where you can hold the rollers, in case it’s too hot. This keeps your hair and hands safe from any potential injury or damage!

5. Begin Rolling

Now it’s time to begin rolling your hair for those curls. When you’re dividing and putting the rollers on, start from top to bottom. This is because it prevents your hair from tangling and risking weird-looking curls.

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Roll all the rollers in, along with your hair tips, for that nice, defined curl. Afterward, roll everything to your scalp, using your clips to secure it all in place. Remember, you’re using hot rollers so it will be really hot, so you have to be careful in handling them.

I recommend that you use gloves while using the hot rollers, or to take your time when placing them on. You may also consider having someone help you out to lessen the risk of burning your hands!

6. Let Your Hair Cool

Regardless of how much in a hurry you may be, you’ll need to wait for your hot rollers to cool down completely before removing them. You need to take your time to let your curls cool for it to look good and to last longer, so make sure that when you curl your hair, you set aside more time doing so. That’s why it’s important to invest in rollers that can heat up quickly, so you can save more time.

If you want even longer-lasting curls, then I recommend that you use a hairspray while your rollers are still on. Once you’ve styled your hair, remove the rollers by removing your claw clips first, then gently taking out your rollers without tugging it off. This prevents damage to both your hair and rollers.

It’s best to wait for about half an hour, or less than an hour for those curls to set and stay for longer. After removing it and letting your hair cool, brush your hair.

7. Style and Go!

When you’ve removed your rollers and brushed your hair, don’t be surprised when you see your hair looks shorter than it is. It’s totally normal! All you need to do is to loosen your curls with a brush and your fingers a bit more, then you can style it however you want.

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Once you’re done styling your hair the way you prefer, use a small amount of anti-frizz serum. Spread this out evenly to prevent frizzing from happening as you go about your day and sleep at night. When applying the anti-frizz serum, be sure to focus on your hair’s ends as this is the part most prone to frizzing.

After that, you’re good to go! Follow these steps again when you need to use hot rollers for short hair.

8. Extra Tips to Follow

Besides the steps mentioned above, do follow more of these tips to make your short hair look even better with hot rollers:

  • Do NOT use wide rollers for your short hair, as this will be useless in the long run. I recommend using rollers with narrower barrels, which can fold more with your short hair. Longer and wider barrels are made for those with long hair.
  • Do NOT sleep with your hot rollers on, as this can damage your hair in the long run. Use sleep rollers instead, if you plan to leave it on overnight.
  • For tighter curls, get a hot roller that’s about 3/8-inch in diameter. For spring rolls, 5/8-inch is best. For kinkier or spirals curls, get a 3/4-inch one. One-inch is the most you can do for short hair if you want natural beach waves. 

Wrapping It Up

Those with short hair have just as many possibilities on what styles they want with the right tools. They can use hot rollers safely and get tight or loose curls they want, as long as you know what to do. Fortunately, the steps are easy to follow, just make sure you have high-quality rollers!

Hopefully, all these steps and tips on how to use hot rollers for short hair helped you out! Now that you know what to do, begin following these tips to maintain beautiful and healthy hair. Do you have any questions or want to share your own tips on hot rollers? Share them in the comments section below, your thoughts are much appreciated!

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