Garage Door Won’t Open All the Way


You are ready to attend your urgent office meeting or all set to join your friends for a party. Then you rush towards your garage to get your car but, unfortunately, the garage door won’t open all the way! Have you come across such a hitch ever? Of course! We all often face these sorts of everyday problems. While calling someone for assistance can be helpful, yet we should also know how to fix it, saving the last moment panic! Agree? So, let’s get started!

Garage Door Won’t Open All the Way
Garage Door Won’t Open All the Way

Garage Door Won’t Open Fix – List Items (#7 will save your labor!)

Fixing the Garage Door problem will be easy if we can summarize the possible causes of the door jam. A few of the likely reasons can be:

  1. Locked door
  2. Something blocked the door
  3. Door dislodged
  4. Loose or broken cables
  5. Breakage of torsion springs
  6. Faulty Remote Control
  7. Disrupted power source
  8. Blockage of Photo-eye
  9. Limit setting is off
  10. ‘Disconnect’ switched

Continue reading to be more informed by the troubleshooting tips and watch the video clips that may prove a help for you.

#1 It’s Locked

It entirely falls in the category of user error. You can find the motor running, but the door won’t move. There can be a possibility that it may be locked. You will need to check if there are any metal parts in the way that might have possibly slid down the bar. Locate the locking knob or handle to use it for unfastening the lock.

#2 An Obstacle in the Path

The garage doors reverse automatically if it comes in contact with a hurdle in its way. Though it is to prevent injuries, this may be a reason the garage door is blocked. When it closes halfway and reverses, there might be a possibility that something is preventing it from getting close. Check for the bits of trash, stuff like dirt, pieces of rocks, and other debris in the pathway. Wipe it up as that may be the cause of not closing the door.

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#3 Garage Door is off the track

Well, if the door is off its track, it will not slip smoothly. You will need to have a quick check:

  • The door is rolling on its metal track effortlessly.
  • There are no bumps, gaps, bends or other obstacles in the path.
  • Watch and listen to the door’s movement. If you feel or find any squeaks or friction or a point where the door slow down or get stuck, you will get to know the area that has dislodged.

Loosen the screw that holds track to the frame and tries to move the trail back in its position. After putting it back in place re-tighten the screws. You may need a rubber mallet and level to help in fixing the problem.

#4 The Cables have popped off or snapped

There can be a possibility that the cable wires might have disrupted, just like in a bike when the cable wires become disengaged. When a torsion spring breaks the cable snaps. The snapped cable can cause damage to the vehicle or wall. The harm can be severe if a person comes in its way, so it is better to call a professional for help.

#5 Broken Torsion Springs

Bang…was that the sound you hear from your garage? It is the sign that maybe torsion spring is not functional. The loud noise may seem like a gunshot or bursting of a firecracker. Springs are made to take a specific number of cycles. Therefore, it is the 1st thing to break in a garage door assembly. The Broken springs can be the cause of most calls to garage door companies. NEVER attempt to open the door if the garage door spring is out of order. It can be dangerous and you can get injured. Get to call the right professional having the required tools and skills to perform the task! Click to read on more information about the blocked garage doors.

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#6 Remote Control malfunctioning

If the garage door is not opening using a remote, there might be a few possibilities which are as under:

  • You are not in the functional range.
  • Motor’s antenna is blocked or damaged. Check whether or not it’s hanging down from the motor. 
  • In case door opens with a wall switch, simply changing the battery of the remote can serve the trick.
  • When nothing works, try to reprogram the remote.

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