11 Best Ways to Heat A Garage

Best Ways to Heat A Garage
Best Ways to Heat A Garage

1. Use of Radiant Heat

First in this rundown is the use of radiant heat. This method involves the application of water heaters and installing water pipes right beneath your garage floor. Or rather you can alternatively fix the pipes on your garage walls. This system works pretty simply and effective. The pipes have water running through them and the heaters keep boiling the water thus transferring heat throughout your garage through radiation. It’s quite interesting how this mechanism is easy and cheap to install. All it costs you is the fuel for the water heater.

2. Heat A Garage with Wood Burner

Here is yet another cheap mechanism to chase cold out of your busy garage. It’s just as simple as it sounds. All you need to do is to burn wood and that way heat is produced which is in turn circulated around your garage. One thing you should have in mind before adopting this heating mechanism is that the garage ventilation should be perfect to help keep fumes/smoke off the garage. If the ventilation is poor, things may end up getting much more uncomfortable than the cold itself. So make sure the garage ventilation is perfect before adopting this method.

3. Insulate Your Garage

This method should actually be the first to consider before you think of any other heating mechanism. Consider this as a prior mechanism to keep your garage warm and conducive for you to work in comfortably. Insulation can be done on the walls or even on your garage ceiling. This is very important even when you decide to adopt a heating mechanism. The insulation helps to keep the warm air flowing just within your garage. Am sure you would want the heated air to seep out of your garage. So let’s just say it’s an energy conserving method.

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4. Use of A Convection Heater

Obviously, a garage will be spacious and that means you need to adopt a versatile warming mechanism for your garage. The convection heaters come in different types. There are those which utilize electric power to produce heat. Others use petroleum gas or even propane to heat up your garage. So it’s upon to choose which of the options will do well in your garage. This mechanism distributes heat within your garage through convection. It should take a significant amount of time for this system to heat-up your garage depending on the space of your garage. If your garage is averagely spacious, it should only take a short time to warm-up your garage.

5. Heat A Garage with In-Floor Heat

This is commonly used on bathroom floors. But if the mechanism works well on the bathroom floors then definitely it can be adopted for your garage floor. In case you are repairing a client’s car while lying down under the car, the in-floor heat mechanism will be helpful to keep your back and feet safe from cold. Well, this mechanism can be adopted over other heating mechanisms.

6. Consider a Mounted Electric Heater

Personally, I would consider this heating mechanism if my garage was not spacious enough. I mean the electric heater occupies no space because it’s only mounted on the wall. Nevertheless, it’s among the best mechanisms that can be employed in a garage for warming purposes. The installation is quite simple. All you need to pay attention to is the wiring. Make sure you install a hard-wired system that can withstand 240 volts electric current to ensure safety and efficiency. If you need to save space in your garage, then this mechanism will be the perfect option to work with.

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7. Heat A Garage with Portable Space Heater

Just like the name suggests, this heater is portable and this makes it more efficient. I mean you can carry it around in your garage. No installation is needed here. All you need is to plug the heater to a power source and that’s it. This heater works just like the cooling fan. The only difference is that the heater propels hot/warm air out to its surrounding, unlike the cooling fan that propels cold air. In addition, this heater is economical and will come in different sizes in order to fit into different user budgets.

8. Heat A Garage With Wood Burning Stove

This should fall under the wood burner mechanism but I feel it should be a standalone mechanism. Well, the idea is the same because we are burning wood to produce heat. Nevertheless, using the wood burning stove is much more economical because you do not use too much wood. The stove is energy saving and will not need too much wood to produce enough heat. Although, some local administrative will not allow the usage of such tools so you may be required to get a permit for it.

9. Heat A Garage With Use Of Electric Space Heater

The electric space heater is just but a better version of a portable heater. They differ from the portable electric heaters in size and efficiency. The Electric Space Heater is way bigger compared to a portable heater which is smaller in size. The common fact about the two types of heaters is their compactness. Just like the portable heaters, the Electric Space Heater is the perfect option for you if your garage is limited in terms of space.

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10. Heat A Garage With Infrared Heating

This mechanism is quite different from other methods. The method is used to heat/warm up the specific place and not the whole garage. Mostly, the heating system is installed in a mat that in turn warms up the floor before warming up the entire garage. This mechanism makes this more comfortable while working under a car.

11. Heat A Garage With Electric Ceiling Panels

This mechanism is only applicable for finished/roofed garages. The Electric ceiling panels are amazingly designed to heat-up easily during the winter season. They happen to be one inch thick, unlike the normal ceiling. These Rectangular ceiling panels can also be used for temperature control during the summer. They can heat and cool easily.  For that, we can confidently say that this mechanism is quite efficient and reliable for those owning a roofed garage.

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