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Amazing Health Benefits of using Powerful Flushing Toilets

According to EPA, the toilet is one of the main sources of water usage in residential buildings. It accounts for up to 30% of the house’s total water bill. That’s a lot of water going down the toilet, literally!

Because of that, it’s best to conserve as much water as possible, yet still have a powerful flushing toilet. Today, the toilet industry has emerged with new technology that can help save almost 1/3 gallon of water while still operating at the same performance.

But what are the other benefits to know about investing in powerful flushing toilets? Check out these health benefits of using powerful flushing toilets!

The Amazing Health Benefits of Using Powerful Flushing Toilets
The Amazing Health Benefits of Using Powerful Flushing Toilets

Health Benefits of Using Powerful Flushing Toilets

You’re probably wondering: How does the power of my toilet’s flush have to do with my health? Surprisingly, it can help prevent various infections to maintain proper health! Here are the health benefits of using powerful flushing toilets:

1. Prevent Urinary Tract Infections

Urinary tract infections, or UTIs, are caused when bacteria will enter your urethra. The bacterial infiltration can lead to burning sensations as you urinate, increasing the need to urinate without passing the normal amount of urine. Women are more at risk to suffer from UTIs compared to men since they have shorter urethras and perineum, but even them, UTIs are uncomfortable and painful for both genders.

A common type of bacteria that can carry UTIs include staphylococcus and Escherichia coli. With a powerful flushing toilet, it has a better capability of eliminating waste, lowering the risk of bacterial transfer. Having to only flush once will mean fewer chances of waste and bacterial build-up, which can improve your urinary tract health.

2. Decreased Risk of Viral Transmissions

Whenever you flush a toilet, tiny droplets called aerosol are thrust into your room’s air. The droplets would vary in size, carrying different microorganisms. These microorganisms include various pathogenic viruses like the flu virus! In fact, back in the 2003 SARS outbreak, which affected 26 countries and resulted in more than 8,000 confirmed cases, one of the likely modes of disease transmission was sewage-related bioaerosols.

Over time, there have been innovations in toilet technology that ensured better and safer toilets. There are now better and more hygienic flushed that improved health standards, lessening the spread of viruses and diseases. This is very timely, considering the COVID-19 outbreak!

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3. Improve Air Quality

Toilets would build up an unpleasant smell, as it has to handle human waste. Furthermore, the smell may worsen because of the bacteria and mold spores building up. With the many bacteria and viruses in toilet bowls, it can be hard to control, and if it remains unattended, it also contributes to the stench.

You might think this is just discomfort to your nose, but it can also pose a huge risk, especially to those who experience respiratory conditions like asthma. In hospitals, poor air quality from poor flushing toilets may increase complications for patients. Inhaling polluted air can trigger declines in their current (and fragile) health states.

By using modern and powerful flushing toilets, hospitals (and even your home) can improve air quality, helping keep everyone healthy and recover well.

4. Lessened Risk of Skin Infections

The skin is the body’s largest organ, having different functions that range from waste excretion to temperature regulation. And because the air is filled with microbes, one of the crucial functions of the skin is to shield our bodies from microbial infections.

Bacteria, fungi, parasites, and viruses are a huge threat to our skin health, and powerful flushing toilets that have open flush rims can help get rid of more waste in every flush. This lowers the build-up of harmful microbes that can potentially harm the skin. Furthermore, these toilets are easier to clean, improving hygiene levels and fewer cases of skin infections in those who use the toilet.

5. Fewer Stomach Bugs

People usually spend about three hours on the toilet every week. That’s 26 minutes a day!

Unfortunately, toilets would form breeding grounds for harmful microbes. For instance, noroviruses reside in toilet bowls, being tough to kill off. Even when you wash your hands, germs may stay, causing stomach issues if you ingest them. That’s why having powerful flushing toilets is important, as they offer better levels of hygiene.

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With powerful flushing toilets, it means there will be fewer bugs that stay in the toilet bowl, so it won’t invade the hands after you use it. While you still need to wash your hands well after you use the toilet, at least the risk of catching the stomach bug is lowered.

6. Other Benefits

There are also other benefits that powerful flushing toilets have, other than health-related ones. Here are the following you can take note of:

  • You get to save money with a powerful flushing toilet! As mentioned, high-efficiency toilets have lowered water usage to about 20% compared to the typical toilets. Furthermore, improved power and efficiency can also mean that your toilet won’t require as much maintenance, requiring fewer repairs, which saves you time and hassle.
  • While powerful flushing toilets would use less water, it’s just as powerful as any other model. When you flush, the water will escape strongly, still removing waste well without too much water, preventing sewer backups.
  • You may want to consider getting a dual-flush toilet, which is a powerful flushing toilet popular in Europe and Australia. These use less water than most high-efficiency toilets, which can help reduce water usage, saving you money AND also helping the environment!

How to Make Your Toilet Flush More Powerful

Now that you know why it’s important to have a powerful toilet flush, what can you do to have your current one performing efficiently? Here are tips to follow if you’re having issues getting your toilet to flush as powerful as it did before:

1. Adjust the Water Level

To flush well, you need to set the water levels in the toilet tank properly. Check the water level in the toilet tank, ensuring that it’s about an inch below its overflow tube located in the middle of the tank. Adjust the water as needed and according to your toilet model and manufacturer.

While you’re at it, check if your water valve connected to the toilet (usually placed on the wall or back of your toilet) is turned on completely.

2. Are the Rims Clogged?

Water would travel into the bowl from the tank with the help of small holes located on the rim’s undersides. If the holes are clogged with lime or debris, water won’t enter the bowl as forcefully as it did before. Inspect the holes to see any signs of clogging and brush those vigorously using a nylon brush, clearing it of clogs to improve the flush performance.

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3. Clean Out the Toilet

You may want to clean your toilet to not only improve the power of the flush but to also get rid of any microbes and bacteria living in there currently, which pose a risk of disease and infections! You can do this by using bleach and following the steps given by your manufacturer.

You may also want to improve your flush by using a vinegar soak. Place about a quart of white vinegar into the rubber fill hose on the overflow tube using a funnel. Allow the vinegar to sit for 2 hours for it to disinfect the tube and relieve any junk deposits that built up in the toilet system.

Do you want to know more about how to improve the way your toilet flushes? Check out this informative video:

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Wrapping It Up

Who knew that such a thing really mattered for your overall health, among other aspects of your home? That’s why we can find new and improved toilets that focus on improving the way you flush, as this can help make sure that not only will you save on water costs, but stay healthy, too. Plus, no one likes the hassle (and slight embarrassment) of having to flush a few times!

I hope that these health benefits of using powerful flushing toilets taught you all about the importance of your flush. So don’t wait any longer and make sure that you get a powerful flush, or find the means to make your current flush perform efficiently now. Do you have questions or want to share your opinions on flushing toilets and why it needs to stay powerful, comment below! I appreciate all of your thoughts.


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